Joint problems are in general an age-related issue in senior pets. Weight-bearing bones and joints of the body eventually wear out from years of wear and tear, paving the way for the development of joint problems. Fortunately, there are ways to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis. One is by helping your pet keep his weight within a healthy range so the weight-bearing bones and joints of the body won’t be subjected to too much work and pressure. The importance of creating opportunities so your pet can engage in physical activities that are appropriate for their age is also one way to promote the range of motion and prevent joint stiffness. Regular physical activity is also a positive avenue to burn excess energy and keep off the excess weight. Working closely with your London, ON veterinarian will help ensure your arthritic pet’s health and comfort.

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When it comes to feeding, a dog is classified as an adult when he has reached about 90% of the standard adult weight of his breed. As adults, they now have different nutritional needs from puppies, thus there is a need to switch from puppy food to a maintenance diet.

As puppies reach 6-7 months of age, most go through a growth plateau. However, large and giant dog breeds never seems to strop growing until 1-2 years of age.

If you have doubts about whether the pet food you are giving is appropriate for your dog, you can get practical answers just by looking at his body and hair coat. Having the right diet gives dogs glossy hair coats. They are also active and energetic. If your dog has a dull hair coat and seems to lack energy, try switching to another type of pet food. But the best way to make sure if your pet is consuming the right type of pet food is to visit your ... Read more »

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Many cat parents are guilty of committing mistakes when it comes to feeding their pets, which can possibly compromise their cat’s health and well-being. On top of the list is giving much more.

Many cat parents assume that filling their pet’s food bowls with food, much more than they need each day, is one way to show care and affection for their furballs. Unfortunately, this practice has contributed to the significant increase in the number of obese and overweight cats, a nutritional problem that many experts often consider an epidemic. Carrying excess pounds increases a cat’s risk to developing serious health issues like diabetes, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, liver problems, heart problems, and some forms of cancer. Obese cats are also more prone to developing ‘metabolic syndrome’.

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Cats are known for their curious streak. But they are also playful and full of energy. Thus, they need lots of opportunities where they can derive physical and mental stimulation so they won’t get bored and become prone to developing undesirable habits. Although cats are known to sleep more than 16 hours a day, they need to burn excess energy via positive avenues that encourage natural behaviors. Also, engaging in activities that provide mental stimulation can prevent or delay the rate by which cognitive dysfunction develops.

When cats become bored as a result of lack of mental and physical stimulation, they can easily develop negative behaviors that can be a challenge to address. They can engage in excessive meowing, potty accidents, and/or destructive behaviors. In addition to cat trees, you can also invest in kitty condos, a window perch, a sun porch, etc. You can also recycle things that your cat can play wi ... Read more »

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A pregnant cat needs all the care and attention that her owners can give to ensure an uneventful and successful pregnancy. But before we proceed any further, always remember that pregnancy in cats, and other types of pets, should be well-planned. If you have no plans of having your pet pregnant, you should have her spayed. This way, you won’t contribute to the increasing number of unwanted pets and overpopulation.

Precaution should be observed at all times when handling a pregnant cat. As much as possible avoid holding her by the tummy, unless you really need to. The abdomen of a pregnant cat tend to be ultra-sensitive, and exerting unnecessary pressure on this part can cause pain and discomfort. Also, the unborn kittens may be hurt when the pregnant cat slips out from your grip and falls to the floor. The proper way to pick up a pregnant cat is to position one of your hands on her behind and the other on her ch ... Read more »

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You have heard a lot of people talk about training their pets, but they are often talking about their canine companions when the subject comes up. Can you train a cat as well?

It is possible to teach your cat new things, but it will take a bit more effort than it typically would with a dog. Cats are generally less receptive to training, but persistence can really pay off. The trick is to find a way to train your cat that allows her to enjoy herself. This will usually be done by utilizing motivators she is sensitive to. This often means giving your pet treats and lots of repetition. Think about what skills you feel are important for your pet to have and then take the time to come up with a plan to teach these to her. Your local licensed Frisco TX veterinarians can offer additional guidance.

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Your cat needs to scratch on something in order to maintain her claws and you would rather that she left your furniture alone. How can you choose a product for her to scratch on?

You know your pet best and spend a lot of time with her. This means that you have likely noticed that she scratches in certain areas. Try to mimic these in a scratching product. There are vertical and horizontal products as well as a variety of different textures to choose from, so you should be able to find something that appeals to your little fur ball. It may even be beneficial to have a few items scattered throughout your home, particularly in areas where your pet usually scratches, to make it convenient for her to choose these items when the urge to scratch strikes her. For more information, please contact your local ... Read more »

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Your family will soon be adding a new member into the mix and you are eager to spend time with your little fur ball. How can you welcome a new pet into your home?

Your pet needs to know that this is her new home as well, so make sure it looks like it. Remove hazards that could be an issue for your pet and carve out some space for your new little fur ball to call her own. This will mean bringing some pet supplies into your living space and showing your pet where she can find what she needs and how she can use these items. Try to include your pet in any activities that you can so she will be able to feel the importance of her presence in your home. For more information, please contact your local Frisco, TX vet clinic. Visit their website ... Read more »

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Your dog is a part of your life and you want to include her in as many of your activities as you can. However, you know that she may need to take part in them in a different capacity than you do. For example, you may not take your pet shopping with you, but you can definitely find her something fun to wear if you’re into fashion.

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to canine clothing. Your pet will need you to seek out options that will fit her well so they will be comfortable for her to wear. Look for clothing that will serve a purpose in your pet’s life, like a set of cute booties that will also protect his feet from hot asphalt so he can head out for a walk more often. Your local trustworthy Plano TX veterinarians can help you care for your pet. Sched ... Read more »

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Your cat needs to be able to count on you to offer her the best care you possibly can. How can you offer her the appropriate preventative care?

There are a lot of ways to look after your pet and preventative care can be a part of a lot of them. This involves evaluating not only what your pet needs in the moment and how to meet these needs but also how her life will be impacted by your decisions in the future. This allows you to not only help your pet stay happy and healthy in the present, but also to set-up a future that will allow more of the same to continue. It allows you to make a point to enjoy your time with your pet while still making sure she will have the best care she possibly can. Your local professional pet clinic Plano TX can ... Read more »

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