A dog that is well-cared for should be able to behave as it normally would. One way to keep it healthy and behaving normally would be by keeping it fit. The intensity, frequency and amount of exercise that your dog requires are independent on its individual habits, general condition, and age. 

Some dogs will need a significant amount of exercise for each day all of their lives; while others will do just fine with a stroll in the park. It is a must that your dog learns how to be led on a leash. This will keep both your dog and the people that it encounters safe. If your dog goes to the toilet while it is outdoors, be sure to clean up after it.

One of the most effective ways to train your dog would be with the use of rewards. V ... Read more »

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If you are in the process of breeding gerbils, it’s absolutely crucial to your success that you do not make any changes to the breeding environment. This means that the quietness in the atmosphere should be maintained, the tank should not be cleaned, moved, and nothing should be added to or removed from the tank. The male gerbil should also not be removed as he will help the female with the pups.

The reason why nothing should be changed is because the mother will likely do everything she can to get the tank the way that it used to be and in the process neglect the pups. While it is OK to check on the pups twice or thrice a day, usually the parents will fare just fine on their own. Occasionally a pup may become separated from the nest. In this case you can put it back but be sure your hands have been washed with a gentle, unscented soap to prevent putting any foreign smells on the pup. ... Read more »
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What exactly is substrate? Substrate is the loose material that one lays on the ground of a tank or pond. Plenty of materials can be considered as substrate and these include sand, river rocks, aquarium gravel, and other special materials that can be found in pet stores. While this will provide your turtle with rummaging substance, it will also require you to clean your tank more frequently. Having said that, there is no problem as well with leaving substrate out if you feel that cleaning will be a burden. More tips on pet care by Menomonee Falls vet clinic.

On the other hand, if you choose to put in substrate, river rocks are a gre ... Read more »

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Feeding your rabbit a proper, balanced diet in a moderate amount is one of the keys to keeping it healthy; apart from a good environment and regular exercise.

If your rabbit is either overweight or underweight, be sure to feed it accordingly. You can consult with a qualified professional at a Racine veterinary hospital for advice

It is important to understand that rabbits have differing dietary needs that are dependent on their weight, lifestyle, overall health, and age. It is crucial not to feed your rabbit more food than it needs.

If ther ... Read more »

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First, you will need to locate a suitable male goat to mate with your goat. You will also have to consider how you will transport your goat to this male goat as no novice goat owner should look after an uncastrated male goat.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that a pregnant goat will have special needs such as a variation in its diet and specific vaccinations. Third, are you ready and do you have the means and resources to look after the kids? Sometimes complications can arise with the birthing process. In this case you will need to employ the assistance of an expert goat owner or veterinary surgeon. Visit a Liberty veterinarian  for more info.

Fourth, if you have male kids, you will have to invest in castrating and/or disbudding them if they are a horned breed. Disbudding needs to be performed before the goat is 11 days old.

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It’s absolutely crucial to feed your red-eared slider turtle the right type of food for it to stay healthy and happy. 50 percent of its diet should be comprised of veggies and water plants while commercial foods and live protein sources should fill in the other half.

You will find that your turtle will thoroughly enjoy protein foods but do not give in to the temptation of feeding it too much as this will lead to your turtle’s detriment in the long run. The health of its shell, organs and overall lifespan will be compromised.

Younger turtles will also display more carnivorous tendencies while full-grown turtles are better categorized as omnivores. Some good examples for turtle food include dandelions, squash, carrots, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, mustard greens, and squash. < ... Read more »

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An interesting fact about goat behaviour is that they sometimes butt each other or rear or clash their heads in order to establish a social rank or pecking order. These bouts of aggressive behaviour are normal and typically do not last very long once dominance has been reasserted.

It is essential to spend some time each day observing your goat’s behaviour to ensure that none of them is being overly aggressive and stressing out the othersIf you are going to introduce a new goat to another goat or a group of goats, aggressive behaviour is to be expected. This applies specifically to unfamiliar male goats.

It is very likely that the new goat will be butted excessively and prevented from feeding at the hayrack. You can alleviate the situation by positioning the new goat in a pen in proximity to the group of goats prior to the official introduction or an ... Read more »
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If you are mulling over purchasing a companion for your gerbil, this won’t be a problem whether you choose one that is male or female as gerbils get along with gerbils of both the same and opposite gender just fine. However, it is ideal to get gerbils acquainted with one another at the earliest age as possible.

The primary difference between male and female gerbils is that males are more comfortable with groups of three or larger while female gerbils do well better with just a single companion. It is highly advised to keep gerbil groups as small as possible as the bigger the group is, the more likely it is that fights will ensue.

Keep in mind that you will have to monitor your gerbils every day to ensure that they are doing well and ge ... Read more »

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Obesity is considered as the most common nutritional problem in cats. Pets that suffer from excess weight often have increased risks of joint and bone problems. Being overweight has also been linked to life threatening health problems such as cancer and diabetes mellitus. An obese cat can suffer from decreased flexibility which can be a problem during grooming and also interfere in their ability to jump and climb.

An important consideration in addressing your pet's weight issues is to make specific diet changes. Since this can be quite stressful, this should be made gradually.

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Rabbit behaviour is contingent on a number of factors. This includes its age, history, personality, etc. If there is a sudden change in your rabbit’s behaviour, this could be indicative of illness, injury, distress or boredom. Visit a pet clinic Washington immediately if you suspect any of these. 

A rabbit is likely to be afraid or feeling pain if there is a sudden onset of irregular habits such as active aggressively or hiding frequently. Sometimes a rabbit will also chew incessantly on its cage bars, groom far more often than usual, alter its eating, drinking and bathroom habits, change its posture, refuse to move, or continually move around in circles. These are all red flags and need to be addressed accordingly.

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