You may have seen it even at a pet store.

A fish eating another fish’s fecal matter is a disgusting thing to us, but to them, it’s just another natural instinct.

Sometimes fish will eat fecal matter to identify whether the fecal matter belongs to another fish or itself. Fish actually have the ability to distinguish this, and it helps identify if another fish is present in the tank or not.

Most fish spit the fecal matter out, but some swallow it.

Sadly, fish are not the brightest of creatures in the world, and if they come across the fecal matter again, it may eat the fecal matter again without realizing it already did.

Fish are very simple-minded creatures, but they are beautiful to see in their tanks. In order to learn more about other odd things fish can do, you can visit the website here that belongs to the veterinary clinic Katy.

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Canaries are one of those creatures in nature that make you stop and question if they’re gender-confused or not.

They aren’t. Males are typically the ones that sing, while females are typically the quiet ones.

Canaries are beautiful birds, but the males are very loud. Imagine Justin Bieber making a house call, and you’ll want to put your head through a wall.

But, in the same breath, canaries can actually carry a tune.

When you hear a male canary singing, he’s usually doing it along with a tune nearby, such as a radio, or other form of media, natural or otherwise.

If you play a nice, soothing audio track repeatedly, you may be able to convince your canary to join in once it has memorized part of the song.

The veterinarian Houston can give you more information on canaries and their singing habits, if you click here.

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Surprisingly enough, it has been seen that some people possess crows as pets. If you are one of these owners of this common, but still exotic bird, then read on!

What many people fail to realize is that crows are quite intelligent. Most birds are, but crows display signs of intelligence that some others don’t. As the years go by, crows are becoming less and less afraid of humans and are finally beginning to get acclimated to our presence proper.

If you like to feed wild crows, then you’ve likely seen them fly away when seagulls show up. It’s a display of their smarts, as they know they can’t really take on a seagull in a one-on-one fight, so they fly away.

For pet crows, owners should know that crows, like cats and dogs, will listen to your tone of voice when speaking to it in order to determine what your mood is. However, crows are so used to the wilderness that you may find them doing things they’d normally do out there.

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You’ve just moved into a new home with your cat, and your cat is extremely nervous and anxious.

The first thing you should allow your cat to do is to explore the new house, as this is a completely unfamiliar place. It’s the same concept as your parent picking you up and taking you to the Arctic. Completely unfamiliar. You’d be nervous too.

As you unpack and your cat is looking around, it’ll take your cat quite a while to get accustomed, as with the unpacking, several “new” things are being set up in the home that will further baffle your cat, so great care must be taken when acclimating your cat.

There are other things you can do to make your cat more comfortable, such as introducing your cat to the new home long before moving in, if possible.

For more info, you can view this website, and learn from the veterinary clinic Lake Ridge.

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There are a numerous amount of reasons why your dog would not want to eat anything.

If you have recently moved to a new home, or have simply travelled a far distance in a vehicle, it is possible that your dog may have been slightly traumatized, as dogs cannot stand vehicular motion unless trained to.

Dogs (and other animals) are used to a certain schedule, a certain place, a certain anything, really. If you suddenly decide to up and move to a new location, it’ll completely throw your dog off, and they may stop eating because it’s still adjusting to the new home.

There are a multitude of other reasons why dogs will stop eating, and one way to find out is to visit the website for the veterinary clinic Bloomingdale, by clicking right here.

When your dog stops eating, it is time for a vet visit to determine the cause and how to help your dog eat better.

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The African Pygmy Hedgehog has a menacing exterior, yet is it an adorable pet overflowing with personality. Normally shy, hedgehogs become tame when given proper socialization. 

The hedgehog is an insectivore with an average lifespan of 3-5 years. They reach sexual maturity by 68 days, but first mating usually occurs at 6-8 months. 

Hedgehogs prefer quiet and dim environments. They can easily get frightened when subjected to loud noises or bright light. 

A hedgehog’s cage must have sufficient room for exercise. A smooth-walled enclosure is recommended to prevent escape. Wire mesh bottoms should be avoided since it can injure the hedgehog’s feet and legs. Hedgehogs value their privacy and require a suitable hiding spot inside their enclosures. For bedding, use aspen shavings or recycled newspaper. Pine, cedar, or cat litter should  ... Read more »

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Anxiety is a common behavior in dogs that is often manifested in specific situations where a pet dog is not comfortable with his environment, or he craves the attention of the human members of the pack. When your dog experiences anxiety, it can prevent your dog from enjoying life. Anxiety can also make training programs more difficult.

Some dogs may develop separation anxiety when they spend more time away from their owners. When left along for long periods of time, a dog can develop undesirable behaviors that are typically destructive. In order to understand why dogs have the tendency for separation anxiety, you have to consider that by nature, a dog is a pack animal. 

Training is essential in order to help your dog deal with being alone for several hours each day. There are ways to help your dog know why he is alone at specific hours of the day. One of the best ways is to get him accustomed to your routine. Start by ... Read more »

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You may think you know the answer to this, and you probably think that the puppy is giving you kisses and is showing you puppy love.

Well…that’s not…exactly it.

Back when dogs were in the wild only, their mothers would regurgitate food to their puppies (wolves as well) and the puppies would eat it. However, if the puppy licked the face of the mother, the mother would know the puppy was hungry.

Nowadays, when puppies or dogs lick a human’s face, it seems to be a sign of submission. The strangest part about this is, if you become agitated and shout “No!” or whatnot to the dog, the dog’s implied to lick even more to stress its submission even more!

Dogs are fascinating, and one of the many place you can look, is the website for the vet Willis, found here.

Just don’t ask them what they’re talkin’ about…they know what they’re talki ... Read more »

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If you’ve got allergies, you know the feeling. If you own a pet with fur, it’s like having a bad head cold every day of your life.

You’re sneezing so badly you can’t breathe, and your eyes are so watery you can’t see a thing.

But have you ever wondered exactly what causes this?

Any pet with fur has a matter in their fur called dander. It is the dander in their fur that sets you off, and unless you keep your house sparkling clean, you’re going to have an allergy attack every day until, possibly, you can build up an immunity to your pet.

It’s not so bad with outdoor pets, though, considering they’re not indoors that often.

If you visit the website of the veterinary clinic Montgomery County, you can find more information on pets and what pets cause allergy attacks by clicking this link.

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If your cat is an outdoor cat, you may have observed, with no lack of disgust, your cat bringing you mice and other dead animals.

Believe it or not, there’s a slightly twisted explanation for this.

In many ways, your cat is gloating that it caught dinner and you didn’t. Even if you’ve put cat food out for your cat, it might prefer to chow down on the animal(s) it killed, which, simply an instinct, is handed down from its earliest ancestors.

Cats are extremely proud creatures, always looking for compliments in whatever they do.

This is one of the many reasons why your cat feels the need to bring you a dinner you wouldn’t touch in your darkest hour.

If you visit the vet Fairfax, you will find more information pertaining to cats and other odd habits they may have in regards to hunting and other outdoor activities. The link for the website can be found right here.

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