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Managing Your Cat's Bad Behavior

Your cat may misbehave at times. However, never yell at your cat or punish her. This will not make her behave better. This includes squirting your cat with water, which can confuse her and makes her afraid of you. This may even make her behavior worse so she may become more stressed. Your cat cannot connect her actions with punitive actions so this punishment is just cruel and abusive. Your cat may no longer trust you and she may lash out at you with aggression. Scratching or biting without provocation may become the norm. Thus the first course of action is to calm down. Determine exactly what your cat did wrong. Then establish what could correct or prevent this behavior in the future. Deterrents or redirection work well to keep your cat from doing what she shouldn’t do. For more information, contact your vet clinic Roanoke, VA.

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