You may not think of lizards when it comes to frequent vet visits, but oddly enough these small reptiles do need to see a vet on a routine basis. If you’ve just purchased your lizard, schedule a time to see the vet. During the exam you will notice how the vet is looking over your lizard extensively. What he’s doing is checking for any deformities in which case you may be able to return the lizard or receive a discount from the place your purchased the lizard from. The vet can also take this time during a first time visit to help you learn what to feed your lizard and how often to exercise your lizard. Guidelines for setting up the lizard’ s habitat may also be given. Lizards do not need annual vaccines so regular visits aren’t needed.  However first time visits, phone calls for assistance, and visits for emergencies are also reasons to go to the Conyers, GA veterinarian. can be often especially for lizards that are up there in age. Talk with your Conyers ... Read more »

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Guinea pigs are a form of pocket pet. They rarely go to the vet. Guinea pigs don’t require yearly wellness exams or vaccinations. However, it is advised that you take your guinea pig to the vet after purchasing. Your vet can help exam the guinea pig to ensure that it is healthy and ready to live in its new home. If the vet should find something wrong with the guinea pig, he can document it for you so that you can return the guinea pig or simply keep the documentation in the guinea pig’s medical file for future reference. Other times your guinea pig may need to go to the vet include if the guinea pig is injured or if the guinea pig appears to be coughing or sneezing. Pneumonia can attack guinea pigs quickly and requires immediate treatment. Always call your Conyers, GA veterinary clinic if your guinea pig appears to be sick.

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Spay and neuter are the terms used when talking about ‘fixing’ a female or male dog. When you spay or neuter your dog you take away the dog’s ability to reproduce. The dogs will still want to mate and even ‘hump’ other dogs, but they will not be able to produce pups. Most veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering dogs when they are around six to nine months of age. Some vets will neuter or spay dogs around eight weeks of age if the dog is healthy. When you purchase a puppy through a pet store or adopt a puppy through a shelter, the cost or adoption fee most often includes first time vaccines and spaying or neutering. Dogs that aren’t going to be bred or shown professionally are often spayed or neutered. If you’re wondering if you should spay or neuter your dog, talk with your Covington, GA veterinarian.

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You may not associate mice with veterinarians, but if you own pet mice then you need to make sure they have an established relationship with your local veterinarian. Pet mice don’t require annual vaccinations or checkups. Vet visits are rare if any. In most cases, a first time vet visit is sufficient enough for establishing a medical record. First time visits are like evaluations where your vet can examine your mouse and ensure that the mouse is healthy and alert. Your vet can also advice  you on what type of habitat to purchase for your mouse and what kind of food to give your mouse. Future vet visits will depend on your mouse. If the mouse gets sick and stops eating and is always sleeping, you should call the vet to schedule an appointment. If your mouse is behaving oddly, but is still eating and drinking then you may just want to call your Covington, GA veterinary clinic. Learn more here.

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Your cat may be a friendly creature, but she often needs some time to herself. Why is this?

Your cat may sneak of in search of some solitude quite regularly. This helps her take a break from her surroundings and relax a bit. She may simply need some time on her own or she may need some sleep so she wants to find a place to rest where she will be out of the way and comfortably nestled in a place of her choosing. She may also head off alone when she wants to avoid something, like a noisy toy she doesn’t prefer or if she has had enough attention for the moment. If you keep an eye on her and see when she decides to go it alone you will be able to get a better idea of why she is choosing to do this. For more information, please contact your local animal hospital Brandon, FL.

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Your dog loves to spend time outside and you want to give her the ideal backyard to enjoy. How can you do this?

Your pet will need you to understand that she needs your help staying safe. This means providing your pet with the space to relax and the play with limits to keep her from wandering out into the world on her own. It also means removing hazardous items that may make an appearance in your yard from time to time, like sharp garden tools or toxic weed killers, from your pet’s reach. It also means offering her lots of ways to spend her time, get out of the elements, and safely explore the area. Be sure to supervise your pet and bring her back inside as needed. Your local licensed Marietta GA vets can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home.

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Guinea pigs have special dietary requirements that need to be met in order for them to thrive. Their daily ration needs to have proper portions of pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits, and hay.

A guinea pig can do well with about 1/8 cup of commercial pellets given once a day. This diet should be supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and hay.

Unlimited quantities of Timothy hay should be offered every day. Guinea pigs spend a good part of the day munching hay to keep their teeth from being overgrown and to promote digestion. Offer fruits and vegetables at least once a day (about a cup). The bulk should be composed of kale, spinach, parsley, and romaine lettuce. Carrots and zucchini can be given once or twice a week.

Since fruit is high in sugar, offer it as an occasional treat, at least once a day. And make sure to keep the portion size sm ... Read more »

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There are many reasons why the hair coat of pets become matted. It can be due to poor grooming, the presence of an underlying wound, joint problems and poor flexibility, or when your pet comes gets some paint, gum, glue, and other types of substances on their hair coat. Here are tips to solve your pet’s matted hair problems:

Paint, glue, or gum

Let the substance dry up first and use a clipper to remove the it from the animal’s hair coat.


When applying flea or tick medications to pets, always take the necessary precautions because these products often contain ingredients that are poisonous to pets when ingested.


Oil can be dissolved using dish washing deterg ... Read more »

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Your dog is an excellent companion and you look forward to taking him out for a walk each and every day. How can you make sure your pet is getting the most out of this time as he possibly can?

It’s important that you have some fun out and about with your pet but also that you take his walks seriously. To you it may simply be a nice break from your other responsibilities, but to your pet this could be the highlight of the day. This means that you should make sure you are out for an appropriate length of time to give him some mental and physical stimulation in addition to bonding with him. Seek out routes that won’t be too demanding for him to complete and take any necessary safety precautions to ensure he can enjoy himself. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Visit website ... Read more »

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You know that your pet needs to be trained a bit so he can live harmoniously within your household. How can you choose a training method for him?

You will need to look at your pet objectively to really evaluate his training needs. Take the time to think about your preferences and capabilities as well, since you will need to be the one implementing the training method. Once you settle on a method, you will need to be consistent with it and utilize it for a good, long while. This means that evaluating the options ahead of time can be a great way to help make this as easy as it can be. Seek out a method that will motivate your pet to learn new things and help him get excited about the time you spend together practicing. Your Marietta, GA vet clinic can offer additional advice.

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