Introducing a new kitty to a resident dog is a process that can take time and effort; it does not occur overnight. The process tends to go well in dogs with adequate obedience training. It is necessary to keep a close eye on your pets as the new and the resident pet adjust and gets used to each other’s presence.

If your pooch has a hard time following obedience commands, or does not do it consistently, you should keep a tight rein on him for the first few days or weeks so you can easily correct any displays of aggression and animosity towards the new cat. It may be necessary to put your dog on a leash (at least 4 feet in length) so he won’t have the freedom to go after the cat. If he tries to lunge at the cat, command him to “sit” or “down”. And don’t forget to reinforce desired behaviors.

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Your cat is a great friend and you know that she needs you to be there for her when she gets stressed out. How can you help her when it’s time to head in for a visit with her veterinarian?

Your pet may be a bit nervous about her appointment because it calls for her to leave the place she calls home and head into unfamiliar territory. Your cat needs to see that you are comfortable in this situation so she can begin to understand that everything is under control. Talk to her in a soothing voice and offer her lots of attention whenever you can during this outing. Stay nearby to offer a sense of security and bring along a favorite belonging or two that will help her stay calm. Your Tampa, FL veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.

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Sharing your home with an older cat can be a wonderful experience. How can you make sure your pet is comfortable in your care?

Looking after a pet in her senior years means that you will need to be aware of any age-related changes that are happening in her life. Your pet may want to take part in activities she has enjoyed in the past only to find that they are much more difficult now. Take this into account and adjust your interactions as necessary. Make sure you are able to provide her with pet supply items that will keep her comfortable, like a bed that will support her joints and a food dish that is at an appropriate height for her. Consider her dietary needs as well, since these may be different in this new stage of life. Your local vet care Tampa, FL can offer additional suggestions.

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Your cat spends a lot of time with you so you’ve had a lot of chances to offer her care. How can you make sure you are giving her coat the care it needs?

Your pet needs you to help her keep her fur in top shape so it can protect her from the sun as well as the other elements. To do this, you will need to make sure you are there to brush her often. This will help remove shed fur that has yet to fall from her coat. She will need you to take the time to further look after her coat by check it over regularly. Remove any debris, dirt, and tangles you may find in order to help her stay comfortable. She may need you to wipe her down once in a while to keep her clean as well. Your local Tampa, FL vet can help you better understand your pet. To learn more, click this website Baycrest Animal Clinic.

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Your cat spends a lot of her waking time meeting her needs. This means that she is seeking out things like food and socialization as well as ways to entertain herself. What should she have available to her for toys to help with the latter?

Your pet needs toys that will be interesting to her and entice her to get up and play. This means that you will want to offer a few different types of toys so she has something to look forward to no matter what kind of mood she is in. This means having toys she can play with on her own, with family, things she can enjoy while being active, toys that require little instruction, and some that will give her a bit of a mental workout as well. For additional information, please contact your local vet Tampa, FL.

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If you’re looking for a dog mobility cart for your pup, try searching the internet for some of the top companies that provide mobility services for dogs. Eddie’s Wheels and are just a few examples. Larger chains such as, PetSmart, and other pet store name brands also carry mobility carts for dogs. You may even find a local pet store that carries them as well. Talk with your vet to find out if a cart would be a good option for your pup. If so, ask him for recommendations on where to get a cart. You may be able to look on social media for a used cart as well. When you buy a mobility cart, try to ensure it has a warranty so you can return it if it malfunctions. Check with your Lafayette, LA vet if you’re not sure which model is the right one for your pup. See details here:

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DM stands for degenerative myelopathy and it is a non curable disease that affects the spinal cord and nerves of canines like the American Foxhound. This particular breed has been known to develop DM over the course of its lifetime. This does not mean that all American Foxhounds will get DM. It’s good to know about the disease and how to treat it if you own this breed or one of the several other breeds that DM has affected (i.e. Corgis, Yorkies, German Shepherd, etc.). Although there is no cure for DM and the way it causes numbness and loss of mobility in the back or hind end of dogs, there are different treatments available that may help prolong mobility and keep your dog comfortable. Physiotherapy and intense precision muscular supportive care can help prolong use of muscles. Physical therapy can delay muscle deterioration and build strength for some dogs. Ask your Lafayette, LA veterinarian for more detail ... Read more »

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Taking care of your cat’s health needs can be a big responsibility and it can be a big expense. It’s important to monitor your cat’s health and take her to the vet when needed. It’s also important not to skip out on the small things thinking that it can save money. For instance, cats like the Ragamuffin and all other feline breeds should have a dental visit with the vet at least once a year. It may seem like an unneeded expense, but routine dental care can help save in the long run because it will keep your cat’s teeth health and prevent your cat from developing dental related illnesses such as gingivitis and other gum diseases. Your cat and your wallet will thank you for taking this important step in preventive care. Speak with your veterinarian Lafayette, LA team and schedule a dental exam for your cat.

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Are you looking to bring a new puppy into your home? If so, talk with your local veterinarian to find out if he knows of anyone that is selling or giving away puppies. Buying a puppy from a reliable source is the best way to avoid puppies from puppy mill type situations. You can check local pet stores as well, but make sure you get solid background information on where the puppy is from. In addition, check with your local shelters and humane societies. Sometimes people have to give up their puppies for adoption. It’s not always the older or middle aged dogs that are at a shelter. Check there as well. When looking for a puppy, look for one that has a healthy, shiny coat. Make sure his eyes are alert and clear. Request a vet report on the puppy. If possible, take the puppy in for a pre-exam with your vets Lafayette, LA before purchase.

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Did you know that the ‘greenest’ ways to have a new pet is to adopt one from the shelter? With pet shelters filled up with unwanted pets, getting one or two means freeing some space for more abandoned pets. Aside from these, there are other ways in achieving a ‘green’ pet ownership. These include:

  • Feeding a premium quality diet that is appropriate for your pet’s lifestage. Pet food products that are of low quality are filled with lots of animal by-products. Although, they may be priced significantly lower than premium pet food, what you save will eventually be used for visits to the vet when your pet suffers from certain health issues associated with poor nutrition. Thus, you should NEVER compromise quality for quantity when it comes to buying pet food for your pet.
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