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Cons of Owning Multiple Cats

Having multiple felines in the home can be great entertainment for you and the other cats in the home. If you travel a lot of work long hours, the cats can keep each other company. They can also help train each other. However, there are a few cons to owning multiple cats. Here some things to keep in mind before bringing multiple cats into the home. First, multiple cats will require a lot of space in the home. Each cat should have their own bed and their own litter box. They should also have their own food and water bowl. If one of your cats should have the FeLV virus you will have to ensure they stay completely separated from your FeLV negative cats. In addition, keeping up with medical bills can also be expensive even if it’s just annual shots and medications. Consult with your Fernley, NV veterinary clinic before bringing multiple cats into your home.

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