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Training Your Dog to Retrieve on Command

Your dog may have fun retrieving objects for you. Select an object he really enjoys playing with such as a toy, a ball or a training dummy. Toss this object a short distance while encouraging your dog to go after it. Once your dog picks up the object, cheer him on with enthusiasm on so he’ll bring it back to you. Squat down when you call him to make the retrieve more enticing. If your dog brings the object to you, throw it again. Keep the distance short at first so your dog is less likely to drop it on his way to you. Your dog may play “keep away” with you. If this happens, tie a rope to the object. Then you can pull it to you without needing to chase your dog. Eventually you can eliminate the rope. Increase the distance over time. Most importantly, have fun. For more information, call your vet clinic Roanoke, VA.

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