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When Something Gets Into Your Pet's Hair Coat

There are many reasons why the hair coat of pets become matted. It can be due to poor grooming, the presence of an underlying wound, joint problems and poor flexibility, or when your pet comes gets some paint, gum, glue, and other types of substances on their hair coat. Here are tips to solve your pet’s matted hair problems:

Paint, glue, or gum

Let the substance dry up first and use a clipper to remove the it from the animal’s hair coat.


When applying flea or tick medications to pets, always take the necessary precautions because these products often contain ingredients that are poisonous to pets when ingested.


Oil can be dissolved using dish washing detergent applied to the animal’s hair coat. Be sure to give him a thorough rinsing afterwards. You may have to do this several times until there are no traces of the oil on your pet’s hair coat. Use pet clippers to remove any oil clumps from the hair coat.

Consult your vet clinic Aurora, CO if you think your pet has ingested something that is potentially toxic or harmful.

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