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It is a sad fact that many pet owners still choose to buy the less expensive brands of pet food over premium quality pet foods which are way more expensive. Little do they know that they are compromising their pet’s health and well-being by giving low quality pet food. Knowing what your pet needs and whether a particular brand of pet food can meet these needs appropriately is very important. If you don’t know whether a particular pet food brand is good for your pet, you can always ask your pet clinic Aurora, CO or animal nutritionist.

Pet owners should learn to ‘dissect’ the list of ingredients of pet food products, considering that pet foods are not created equal. The importance of giving a premium quality diet that is appropriate for a dog’s lifestage cannot be overemphasized. Dogs have specific nutritional needs that must be meet on a daily ba ... Read more »

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You share your life with a wonderful dog, but she is still fairly new to your household. How can you bond with her to help solidify your relationship?

Your pet needs to be able to able to relax in your home and the first step to making this happen is ensuring that all her needs will be met. She needs to be able to understand that you are looking after her and to begin to trust you before she will let her guard down. Once this happens, all the time you are spending with her will really pay off. It will allow you to get to know her a lot better and give her the opportunity to get to know you as well. Taking the time to be with her in a variety of situations and really making sure to focus on her will help as well. For more information, please contact your local Greensboro, NC veterinarian.

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Your cat is a big part of your life and you strive to offer her a place she can lovingly call home. Would a cat tree help with this endeavor?

Your pet needs to be able to meet her needs within your living space and a cat tree can definitely help her do this. This is a multitasking item, so it can actually take the place of or enhance other items your pet requires. For example, your pet can rest here when she wants to relax, or she can head over to her bed when she feels like she is getting tired. Consider how a cat tree will be used in your home to determine which features you should keep an eye out for, and make a point to place an item like this in an area where your pet will happily utilize it. For more information, please contact your local Ellicott City, MD veterinarian.

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Your pet bird should definitely have a vet. If possible, before you purchase the bird or bring him home, have your vet examine the bird to make sure he’s healthy and ready to move to a new home. After you purchase the bird, schedule a first time visit for your vet to re-examine the bird and determine if any vaccinations are needed. Most birds receive the Polyomavirus vaccine. The Polyomavirus is common bird virus that affects mainly younger and older birds. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you if your bird needs the vaccine. Most birds vaccinated are of the parrot species. In addition to vaccinations, veterinarians can also start a medical record for your bird which can come in handy if your bird needs medical care in the future. Your local Forest Hill, MD veterinary clinic can help you with your pet bird vet needs.

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