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Your cat is an excellent companion, but she tends to like keeping to herself. How can you help her live in a home with other pets?

Your little fur ball needs to be able to live her life in a way she is comfortable with. There are a lot of pets that your cat can interact with should the opportunity arise, and it’s important that you are there to supervise these interactions to make sure they stay on the positive side. It’s also important that these aren’t forced on your cat, as she needs her preferences to be respected. Offer her a space to retreat to when necessary so she can get the solitude she needs. You should also make sure each pet is able to meet their needs when it’s necessary to do so without interference from another animal in the house. For additional information, click here, or please contact your local Las Vegas, NV vet clinic.

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You love your cat and you want her to have as many feline friends as she possibly can. However, she doesn’t seem like she is exceptionally good at finding companions. Why is this?

Your pet may be wonderfully sweet with you, but she may show some animosity toward others. This is particularly true when talking about other cats. Your pet is extremely territorial and tends to think of others as a threat to her space upon initially meeting them. Their reaction to this can either intensify the situation or dispel it. This is where you can help her out, as she will take note of your reaction to the newcomer and it will influence how she feels about him. If you are calm and encourage positive interaction, they may get used to one another. For additional information, please contact your local vet Oshawa, ON.

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