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If you’re looking to bring a small pet home for your child or a first time pet for yourself, you should check out your local pet store’s pocket pets. You may also want to check around at local shelters to see if they have any pocket pets up for adoption as well. Pocket pets include small pets like gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Exotic pocket pets include hedgehogs, sugar gliders and ferrets. Most veterinarians that serve pocket pets are referring to the hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. Rabbits are occasionally included as pocket pets although they are much larger in size. When looking for a pocket pet, decide which one you want. You can view each type at the pet store and even hold them. Spend some time with one before purchasing. After purchase or adoption, click here, or schedule a first time visit with your McHenry, IL vet.

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Before bringing your rabbit home, check with the pet store or local breeder about the food the rabbit is used to eating. Try to purchase the same food for your rabbit at his new home. Even if you switch your rabbit to a different food you will need to mix the current food with the new food before you stop feeding the current food completely. You should also ask if the rabbit has any favorite snacks or toys. If so, purchase those for your rabbit in his new home as well. In addition to food and toys, you should also have a cage ready for your rabbit. You will need to choose between an inside rabbit cage and an outside rabbit cage/hutch. You should then add a water bottle, water bowl, food bowl, and possible toys. Your rabbit may also need a brush or comb for grooming. Call your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD to learn more.

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