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Air fresheners that are used in many homes can be an important cause of frequent sneezing and coughing in dogs. Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs can be extremely sensitive to air fresheners and other strong-smelling products. Pet owners should take note that what might smell good to them might be too strong and even harmful to their dogs. With millions of scent-analyzing cells lining a dog’s nasal passages, it is no wonder that they can easily be overwhelmed by strong scents.

Another important thing about air fresheners is that many of these products have ingredients that are potentially harmful. Most contain formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, p-dichlorobenzene, and aerosol propellants which can irritate sensitive tissues of the nasal passages of dogs. There have been cases when dogs suffered hypersensitivity reactions to air fresheners.

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Dogs can suffer from depression, too. So how will you know if your dog is depressed? Here are some important tell-tale signs that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Does your once-friendly and rambunctious dog suddenly become quite and remote? Depressed dogs tend to like spending more time in a spot away from the other members (humans and pets alike) of the pack.
  • A dog may not be as energetic as he once was and lose interest in things and activities that he normally looks forward to such as playtime, leash walks, etc. He may also wander off aimlessly.
  • There may be a significant change in his appetite that lead to unexplained loss or gain in weight within a short length of time.

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Your dog needs a collar that he can depend on. How can you find the ideal option to meet his needs?

Your pet needs you to be able to seek out a collar that will fit him well and won’t be a hinderance. This means that he shouldn’t be too tight, too loose, too heavy, or too thick for comfort. It also means that you need to find a collar that will be visible to others when he is out and about. Consider other features that may be necessary, like an area to hold onto his identification tags or a place to hook his leash to. Additional options, like reflective portions or special fabrics may also be available to your pet should you feel they would be helpful. Durability should also be considered, as this item will likely see daily wear. For more information, please consult with your vet New Tulsa OK.

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