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How to Approach a Stray Cat

If a stray cat approaches you stay still and allow him to walk around you. Don’t engage him unless he invites you to. A cat that hisses, snarls, or swats with his paw is not inviting you to approach. A cat that lies at your feet and is relaxed, meowing and purring may allow you to approach or bend down to pet him. When this occurs, see if the cat is wearing a collar for ID. If you can read the ID, contact the owners to inform them where the cat is. If the cat doesn’t have any collar or ID see if you can pick him up to transport him to the vet and have him scanned for an ID. If the cat doesn’t allow you to do this, notify animal control or local Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet to inform them of the stray cat. Placing posters in the area can help reunite the cat and its owner. More details at this website Acadia Veterinary Clinic.

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