Dogs may be man’s best friend but why are there hundreds of thousands of people seeking medical treatment for dog-bite wounds each year?

Domestication is the answer to a dog’s need for human companionship. Still, there are dogs whose ancient instincts are quite strong. When pet owners fail to nurture the human-dog bond, their pet may revert to those instincts that are not acceptable within the household. Thus, pets are products of the environment that pet owners have control of.

Dogs that were originally bred for herding livestock and hunting game have a tendency to display aggressive behavior when mishandled. Since eye contact with prey is a dominant quality of these dog groups, there are instances when eye contact with a person, especially a child, may be perceived as a challenge. This is especially true to a dog that has not undergone proper socialization. Eye contact may incite the dog to establish its domi ... Read more »

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One vital consideration of responsible pet owners is their dog’s or cat’s nutrition. It is not enough to feed them any type of pet food available in the pet shop. It is important that you should know the requirements of specific life stages in order to give them the right food specially formulated for each stage. 
Below are the things that you need to ask yourself when choosing food for your pet. You may need the assistance of a veterinarian Jensen Beach for an in-depth understanding of the issues that influences your pet’s diet. 
 Health requirement 
Some pets suffer from specific health problems that warrant special diets 
which are prescribed by a veterinarian. 
 Your pet’s life stage 
A puppy has different nutritional requirements compared to an adult dog. 
Thus, feeding adult food to a pu ... Read more »

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Cats are obviously not designed to stand like humans, but sometimes, whether to see over something or to appear far more intimidating, a cat will actually stand solely on its two rear paws to ‘assert its presence’.

If you see your cat do this, and it doesn’t look happy, it’d be a wise idea to leave your cat alone for a little while.

But then again, sometimes cats do this just to get a better look at whatever it is they’re looking at.

Usually, when a cat goes up on its rear paws and quite literally, right up on tiptoe, it usually holds onto a ledge or something with its front paws, but cats have been known to stand up without any support.

For more information on other unique things cats can do, you can click on this link to go to the website of the veterinarian Montgomery County.

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There are many cat (and dog) owners who struggle to keep their pet from chewing up everything they can find when they are little.

Teething is a moment cat owners fear because your cat will not care what it teethes on, so long as it teethes.

There are many ways to focus your cat’s teething, and one of them is to spread catnip on what you want it to teethe on, then get your cat to smell the catnip.

Punishing your cat for teething is wrong however, as its teething is a natural thing. Think of a baby, and how the baby teethes on those plastic rings and such. Cats do the same thing with whatever they can find.

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If you’ve trained your dog to stand on its rear legs, or it does it all by itself, then you’ve likely wondered what kind of damage it would do to a dog’s legs?

In truth, it doesn’t really hurt them. Dogs are usually only standing for a few seconds, then they have to come back down. If you are holding your dog’s front paws and pretending to dance with it, it’s not entirely a bad thing, just don’t do it for too long.

Dogs have, on the rare occasion, been known to join in if they see people in a conga line. Dogs are curious, and feel the need to partake in this instance, and so they go up on their hind legs and, with difficulty, are actually able to follow in the line for a couple of seconds.

If you visit the veterinary clinic Caledonia, you can find more information on this.

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You may have been led to believe that your pet laughs when you see its face after something funny has happened.

However, that noise they’re making is not laughter. Cats and dogs are not capable of expressing said emotion at any time, but cats and dogs do express amusement by their eyes shining twinkling like a human’s eyes do when they’re about to tell a funny joke, and dogs wag their tails.

Cats purr when content, but sometimes they even purr when they’re excited by something. It’s not common, but it does happen.

Dogs and cats are creatures of many feelings and emotions, almost as diverse as a human’s. Once you get to know your pet, you can tell when they’re amused or made happy by something.

At the veterinary clinic Logan Circle, you can discover more information on cats and dogs, and their behavioural habits by clicking here.

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Pets are curious by nature. Houseplants, sadly, are the unfortunate victims of curiosity.

But then again, so are pets.

If you house exotic plants in your house, there’s a chance that the leaves of some may be toxic to pets, and should not be ingested.

Dogs, for example, love going after houseplants, especially puppies, as it gives them something to teethe on.

Cats might view it as something to play and interact with.

In the end, however, pets and houseplants just do not mix, and it is advised to keep pets at a distance from houseplants if you have any.

As you likely know, houseplants are not very strong against the teeth of a dog, or the paw of a cat.

At the vet North Park, you can learn more information by visiting their website, which is found here.

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Throughout thousands upon thousands of people owning thousands upon thousands of cats, one common thing that almost every cat has with each other is that they scare very easily.

When cats were feral, and humans did not take them as pets, cats used to always be on guard in the wild, as there were animals much larger than it out hunting, so cats had to learn to have ridiculously sharp senses to detect a predator before the predator detected it.

Despite humans domesticating cats, cats seem to have not lost this uncanny ability to scare easily. Cats mostly get scared when they are not expecting something, and their first instinct is to leap in the air (mostly from fright) and then attack whatever scared it.

For more info, visit the veterinary clinic Ceres’ website, right here, and you can read up on cats and other interesting things about them.

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Like dogs, your feline friend, can be trained to walk on a leash. Before taking him for a walk, just make sure that your cat’s vaccination is up to date, to keep him protected from potential risks that he might encounter as you take him outdoors.

Leash training is best done while your cat is still young and already learns to respond when called. Introducing a harness to your cat will be the hardest part of his training and may take several weeks to months.

A harness with the right fit specifically designed for cats must be used, instead of a simple collar to avoid choking or possible escape. Once he gets comfortable wearing a harness, you can then proceed with the leash. Fasten the leash on the harness and have your cat get used to the weight and the feeling of having it on. You can take small steps by taking him to short trips outdoor. Avoid overworking your pet so he will be looking forward to another short excursion with you.

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Like people, dogs need to sleep and relax in a comfortable bed, that he considers his den and refuge. A bed is considered one of the basic needs of a dog. Thus choosing the right bed for your pet can be a challenge especially if you are faced with many options to choose from.

A dog bed looks like your standard pillow, and is available in many shapes, materials,sizes, and colors. Some of these dog beds are filled with cedar wood chips to prevent odor and ward off insects. Although this type of bed can be great for most dogs, older dogs or those suffering from orthopedic problems may need special types of beds to make them more comfortable.
An orthopedic bed is designed for senior dogs or those suffering from orthopedic problems. These beds have dense foam filling to make them more comfortable.
Click here to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment with a Boston vet.

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