The origin of domestic cats is traced back to the African Wildcat, whose biology and behavior is still very much retained by cats today. Here are some distinct characteristics of your feline friend.

• Cats have well-developed senses thus they can detect higher sound frequencies than humans or dogs.
• Cats are territorial. They mark their territory by spraying urine, scratching, or depositing feces.
• Cats use a wide range of visual communication. They use different body postures, ear and tail positions, and facial expressions to communicate with their owners and other animals. They also use visual markers such as scratch marks or feces deposition to indicate their territory.
• Cats are obligate carnivores. They derive essential nutrients from the meat of animals. Without these essential nutrients, they will fail to thrive and may suffer from severe nutritional deficiencies.
• Cats love to play. Spending time to play wit ... Read more »

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If you are a lover of fish, and you enjoy watching them swim around a tank like it’s no one’s business, then it would be good to know that certain breeds of fish do not interact well with other breeds. Some breeds just maintain a distance from each other, whereas other breeds will eat other fish in your tank.

Betta fish are one of the most common fish for people to have, and the odd thing is, you should only put males and females together if you want them to mate, or else they’ll fight constantly. Yes, believe it or not, fish can fight…their anger bubbles over on a large scale.

At the vet Oakville, whose site can be found right here, you can find more info regarding what fish should and should not be together in a tank. If the fish you want to pair up don’t work out to be good together, don’t worry. There are plenty of other fish in the sea…or the pet store.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if something is wrong with your dog, then there are some simple ways that you can tell. If your dog misses a meal or two here and there during the day, especially during a hot summer’s day, it’s not an automatic emergency. However, if your dog ceases eating altogether, then it is time to call the veterinarian.

The veterinary clinic Carlsbad can give you more information on the signs to look out for by reading more about it on their site.

If your dog is fatigued, meaning that they refused to go outside or play ball, or anything of the sort, it could be a sign that a vet trip is needed, as this could be linked to a health problem.

Dogs tell you, the owner, how they’re feeling through actions, barks, and whines. Learning to listen and observe your dog is a key component in developing a strong bond where you know when your dog needs to ... Read more »

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Too many people in the world make the mistake of walking over to their pet when in truth it should be the pet coming to them. It is no use to just stand there calling the pet’s name over and over unless you’ve got a treat in your hand or whatnot.

If your pet associates treats with walking over to you, then you have trained your pet to come to you. However, if you give up and go over to your pet and say something like “Fido, I was calling you!”, then the pet knows that it just has to sit there and wait for you to come to it. The pet rules the house now.

The veterinary clinic Poway has more information if you click here regarding other things you can say or do to make your pet obey you, not the other way around.

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One crucial aspect of proper and thorough care for your red-eared slider is ensuring that it receives proper lighting if it lives indoors. There are three primary components for proper lighting. These include UVA rays, UVB rays, and heat.

UVA rays are necessary for your slider to perform its everyday activities and engage in normal behaviour. On the other hand, UVB rays are essential for ensuring that your slider is healthy and developing as it should. It is also required for producing vitamin D3 levels. Lastly, heat is needed in order to entice your slider to bask. It will also increase its metabolism and boost its immune and digestive system. Basking will also keep your slider’s shell hard, allow it to shed properly, and keep algae growth and infections at bay.

For more visit vets U Street Corridor for more info.

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If you want your rabbit to stay away from your furniture and from chewing other valuable objects in your home, it will need to be provided with an unlimited hay supply, interesting toys, a grass mat, and cardboard boxes. It is simply in a rabbit’s nature to chew and dig and therefore resources must be available at all times in order for it to carry out these behaviours. Doing so will also keep its teeth and claws worn down. 

Occasionally you may need to trim your rabbit’s nails. No matter how well trained you think your rabbit is, do not tempt it by putting it near objects that it will surely destroy and that will upset you. Just keep these objects away to keep your belongings safe and for your peace of mind. Visit a vet in Lexington for more info on rabbit care.

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Ideally, it’s best not to transport your gerbils unless absolutely necessary. However, if you don’t have any other option, here are a few tips:

·         Ensure that food and water are available at all times. If it is a particularly long journey, bring extra portions and treats to make sure that your gerbils don’t go hungry.

·         If possible, transport them in their actual home. But if not, make the carrier tank as comfortable as possible for your gerbils.

·         If your gerbils are in a group, try not to separate them during the transport process to reduce the chances of them becoming aggressive towards one another upon being reintroduced.

·         Cover the tank with ... Read more »

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It’s important to have a hamster first aid kit on hand at all times as you never know what situation you may find your hamster in on any given day. One thing that you should have in your first aid kit is a syringe. Purchase syringes of different sizes so that you can use either for administering medication or to feed hamsters that may not be able to consume solid food.

These are also available for purchase at vet clinics, pet stores, and pharmacies. Tweezers are another important item to have in your hamster first aid kit for removing anything that shouldn’t be in your hamster’s body. You can also use it to untangle fur.

Last ... Read more »

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One of the important and often overlooked reasons for losing puppies a few weeks after whelping is "nipple guarding". This behavior involves dominant pups guarding the best milk-producing nipples of their mother. Even if they are not nursing, some of these pups simply hang on to a nipple to stake their claim and to eliminate competition.

Puppies that are born healthy and die in the weeks following whelping are called "fading puppies". To protect puppies from this state of malnutrition, many breeders give milk supplement to the small pup, however, there is still no better substitute for a mother's milk.

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If your rabbits live indoors, they will definitely be safer as compared to outdoors since you won’t have to worry about predators or weather elements. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any possible dangers around. 

With this in mind, be on the lookout for wires and cables. Remember that besides the fact that these are sure to be chewed on and destroyed by your rabbits, they may also get electrocuted!. Visit veterinarians in Stockbridge for more info.

Potted plants should also be kept out of reach from your rabbits just in case they are poisonous for them. Also, you probably don’t want your decorative plants to have bite marks or holes all over them.

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