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Your Parakeet's Exercise

Your parakeet needs exercise to keep healthy and happy. Exercise works his muscles and joints and provides mental stimulation. Your parakeet can hop from place to place if there are multiple perches in the cage. Your parakeet will keep active with ladders, swings and bell toys. However, don’t put so many things in the cage that your parakeet can’t move around freely. The best exercise for your parakeet is flying. Thus your parakeet needs time outside the cage daily. In addition to exercise, time outside the cage allows your parakeet to socialize and bond with you. Secure the flight area to keep your parakeet safe. Close windows and doors and turn off ceiling fans. Check that nothing can fall on your parakeet and hurt him. Remove any toxic plants since your parakeet will nibble on them. Have fun and encourage movement during exercise time. Learn more from your Chattanooga, TN veterinary clinic. Read more here.

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