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Your Cat’s Kneading

Every cat owner knows the pleasure and pain of kneading. Your cat digs in with her claws over and over. This can be quite painful. Yet your cat is purring and looking for attention. It’s important to understand that your cat’s kneading first started when she kneaded her mother to stimulate milk. Thus she is now passing this nurturing role to you. She also kneads to mark you as her own using scent from glands in her feet. Never yell at your cat or punish her since this behavior is all about loving you. Trim your cat’s nails to limit the damage she can do while kneading. Consider slipping a small pillow or blanket in between your cat’s nails and your lap so she can’t dig in. Enjoy the kneading experience and don’t forget to enjoy this cuddly time and ubiquitous purring. For more information, contact your most recommended Roanoke VA vets.

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