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Worms In Puppies

If you have just brought a new puppy, a visit to the vet should be on your top of the to-do list so your new pet can undergo a general checkup. One common issue that affect many puppies is worm infestation. Many puppies already have worms when born and have to be dewormed to avoid the ill-effects of carrying a heavy parasite load. Mother dogs are able to transmit intestinal parasites to their puppies while they are still inside the womb and even during lactation through the mother’s milk. Roundworms are the most common internal parasites found in puppies. Stool samples are generally used to check for parasite eggs. To lessen the chances of puppies being born with parasites, pregnant mother dogs are usually given deworming medication during the final weeks of pregnancy. A heavy parasite load can have serious consequences, and many puppies die if prompt veterinary attention is not given. Bring your new puppy to your best veterinary clinic Hyattsville, MD for deworming and vaccinations.

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