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What You Need To Know About Pet Allergies

Pets with allergies often suffer from frequent episodes of allergic rhinitis that can have them sneezing and coughing, swollen and itchy paws, inflamed ears, or digestive upsets? When a dog or cat is exposed to a certain allergen in their food or environment, a strong immune response is exerted by the body leading to the development of allergy symptoms. Even water that is contaminated with impurities can trigger an immune response in sensitive animals.Fortunately, not all dogs are hypersensitive to grasses, molds, pollens, food, etc. Pets suffering from frequent bouts of allergies tend to possess over-active immune systems that interpret common substances as toxic to the body thus inciting a powerful immune response. In order to reduce or stop your pet’s allergies, there is a need to figure out what is triggering the flare-ups. Considering that the allergen may be in their food and/or environment, you should take a closer look at all these factors. Food allergies tend to be year-round or non-seasonal, while allergies during certain seasons of the year may likely be caused by exposure to allergens in the environment. Work closely with your veterinarian Riverbend, ON in managing your pet’s allergy symptoms.

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