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Ways Pet Cats Show Affection

Pet cats can sometimes be aloof but they are still social creatures and are always on the lookout for opportunities to spend time with their owners. Here are some ways pet cats show affection:


Does your kitty frequently give you a ‘free massage’? Kneading their paws on your leg is your cat’s way of showing you he feels safe and  comfortable with you and considers you as family.

Head bump

Cats head bump to say “hello”. Scent glands on their ears, face, and head enables them to mark you with their signature scent. Acknowledge your pet’s head bump by giving him a small bump.  

Butt presentation

If your cat keeps backing up to you and lifting his tail, he may be waiting for you to clean him up just like mother cats do. Blow his rear end so he will think you are cleaning his butt.  

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