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Toys for Cats

You may have noticed that the pet aisle of your local super market or even Target or Wal-Mart does not have a large variety of cat toys. This is not surprising. Cats tend to be extremely picky about their toys. If you want to purchase a cat toy, look for toys that will encourage movement and exercise. A mouse on a string, a wind up mouse, or even a mouse stuffed with catnip that can be tossed around the house are all good options. Be cautious on the catnip, however. Too much catnip can make your cat hyper. If your cat isn’t interested in these typical toys, try giving him a simple cardboard box. Some cats love to play in the cat litter box or the box that their canned cat food comes in. Boxes often make the best cat toys. Avoid allowing your cat play with plastic bags. For more tips, call your vet clinic New Tulsa, OK.

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