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Tips To Make Car Rides Less Anxious For Your Pet Cat

Cats that are not used to being in a moving car may meow endlessly and try to get out of their crate. Some cases of anxiety can become very extreme and the cat may need medication to calm down. But there are also other ways to keep your cats calm during road trips and this requires proper preparation and planning. Pet cats need to be crate-trained as early as possible, long before they have a need for one. The crate is introduced by placing it near a spot that the cat frequents. Make the inside of the crate more inviting by placing your pet’s blanket, a favorite toy or two, and some of his favorite treats. These can encourage him to wander in and spend some time inside. Having something familiar will be comforting to your pet and help keep him calm throughout.

You should seek professional help from your Hyattsville, MD vet if you are dealing with any undesirable behavior of your pet.

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