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Stopping Your Dog's Digging

Your dog may dig in the yard for a number of reasons. In discovering why your dog digs, you can more easily prevent it. The most common reason your dog may dig is boredom. Don’t leave your dog alone in the yard for long periods of time. Otherwise he may work to dig up the shrubs or excavate a hole to keep cool. Give your dog plenty of toys to play with while he is out in the yard. A better strategy is to get outside and play with him so he sees your yard as a fun place. Your dog may be tempted to escape the yard by digging under the fence to play with other dogs or children. Consider preventing digging by burying wire fencing or cinder blocks at the fence line. Socialize your dog to people and other dogs to help curb his need to escape. For more information, ask your pet clinic Chattanooga, TN.

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