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Secondhand Smoke and Your Cat

The dangers of secondhand smoke to humans are well documented and these same dangers apply to your cat too. Secondhand smoke can be even more dangerous to your cat because she stays in the inside, smoky area at all times. Nicotine and tobacco toxins settle on surfaces in your home where your cat can absorb them when walking or lying down on these surfaces. Your cat will also ingest the toxins when grooming herself or companion cats. The best course of action is to make your home smoke-free to protect your cat. Otherwise, open the windows often to air out your home. Wash all surfaces especially clean items often to remove tobacco toxins. Clean your cat with damp washcloth or commercially available kitty wipes. Empty ashtrays promptly so your cat doesn’t get into the ashes, or eat or play with the butts. Learn more from your Marshall, TX veterinary clinic. Click this site for additional details.

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