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Obesity Can Increase Your Pet’s Risk To Diabetes Mellitus

Overweight or obese cats and dogs can have higher risks of developing Type II Diabetes Mellitus, which is a form of diabetes that has an adult-set. Cases are higher are higher in middle-age and senior cats and dogs. Like people, the diet and lifestyle of pets are important predisposing factors that pave the way for the development of this important health issue. Diabetes develops when there is insufficient production of insulin hormone by the pancreas or the inefficient utilization of insulin in the body, a condition called insulin resistance. Important symptoms of diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs include a sudden increase in water consumption and consequently increase in urine volume, increase in food intake but with unexplained weight loss. Without veterinary attention and support, diabetic pets can develop serious complications that can adversely affect their health and quality of life. These include potentially serious infections of the kidneys and urinary bladder, skin infections, muscle weakness, cataracts and vision loss, fatty liver, and abnormal gait.

If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, you should work closely with your London, ON veterinarian in managing the symptoms of the illness. Visit this link to learn more:

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