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Male Doggie Diapers

If you’re looking foår dog diapers for your elderly male dog or your male dog that has issues controlling when he goes to the bathroom, make sure you look for diapers designed for males. If you find the regular diapers that look like child diapers and have a hole in the back for a tail, then you’re looking at female diapers. These are not going to work for your male as they won’t come up high enough over the tail and backend to cover the male’s private areas. Instead, you should look for a belly band. These are for male dogs. They wrap around the belly and cover the penis perfectly. There is no leakage. You can use disposable or washable diapers. If you use washable, make sure you use a scent free detergent. Also make sure you measure your dog to find out what size to buy. Contact your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX for more information.

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