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Lilies Can Be Toxic To Cats

Did you know that certain types of Lilies can cause kidney failure in cats when ingested? Some of these Lily varieties include Easter lily, tiger lily, Japanese show lily, rubrum, glory lily, and some types of day lily. Lilies are abundant during spring and many pet owners make the mistake of bringing them indoors to add color and scent indoors.  Since all parts of the lily can be toxic to cats, consuming even small amounts can eventually cause serious poisoning.

After ingestion, signs of toxicity may be displayed by a cat after several hours. Common symptoms of toxicity include vomiting, depression, and loss of appetite. As the damage to the kidney worsens, symptoms can worsen and Kidney failure can happen within 36-72 hours after intake.

You should bring your pet cat to your veterinarian Brandon, FL if you think he has ingested lily plant material. Any case of poisoning should always be treated as a medical emergency. For more detail click here-

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