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Keeping your Lizard Cool

Lizards can adapt to a lot of temperatures as long as they are introduced slowly. For instance, some lizards prefer warm temperatures while others prefer cooler temperatures. It’s important to know what your particular lizard needs most. During the warmer months, keep an eye on your lizard’s tank temperature to make sure he’s not getting too hot or too cold. Adjust heat lamps accordingly. Provide your lizard with lots of fresh water for drinking and bathing or soaking in as well. Keep his tank away from windows since the windows can attract extra heat and sunlight. If your lizard is too hot in one location move him to a cooler spot. Keep him out of direct airflow of A/Cs and fans as too much cool air can cause him to get sick. For more tips on keeping your lizard cool and comfortable, talk with your veterinary clinic Sugar Land, TX.

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