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Is there a reason why your pet rubs against you?

Your pet may rub up against you when she passes by, or she may specifically seek you out and do the same. Why does she engage in this behavior?

Your pet is a creature of habit and wants to establish her place in this world so others will know to back off from things and spaces she considers to be her own. This is why she rubs against you often and in a few different scenarios. This behavior offers her the chance to put her scent on you by utilizing scent glands in various areas of her body. Many people interpret this behavior to mean that their pet is showing them some affection, and in some ways, this is true. Your pet is showing you that she likes you enough to want to keep you around, and that she wants others to know that you interact with her often. For more information, please contact your local Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian.


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