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How To Remove Tear Stains In Pets

Dogs with tear stains are quite unsightly to look at, especially those with light-colored hair. The characteristic reddish-brown color of the stain and moldy scent is actually caused by the presence of bacteria and red yeast. Excess tearing creates a favorable environment for these microorganisms to flourish. Thus identifying the cause of excessive tearing is essential so it can be addressed immediately. Excessive tearing may also be caused by infected tear ducts.

Washing your dog’s face everyday can help remove the stain. Be sure to avoid getting shampoo into his eyes for it can further aggravate the irritation. Blow dry the area, setting the hair drier on cool to warm. There are also tear removal pads which offers a convenient way to remove tear stains from a dog’s face.

Bringing your dog to your veterinarian services Aurora, CO can help address this problem.

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