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How to Minimize Your Pet's Exposure to Smoking Products

Exposure to second- or third-hand smoke has been demonstrated to be an important cause of cancer in dogs, cats, and other pets. With this important information in mind, pet owners who smoke or use tobacco and nicotine-containing products should exercise precaution to minimize a pet’s exposure to smoke and nicotine. If you or any member of the family smokes, here are some precautionary measures to keep in mind:

  • Smoking should be prohibited in places where your pet spends a good part of the day. This is a rule that should be observed not only by family members but also by household guests.
  • Experts prohibit smoking inside the house because there is the release of contaminants into the air and the surroundings. Smoke residue can also cling to everything including your dog’s bed, your kitty’s toys, food and water bowls, etc.
  • All cigarette products including cigarette butts, nicotine gum or patches should be disposed of properly. Be sure that your pet has no access to ashtrays, receptacles, etc.
  • After smoking and before handling your pet, always make a habit of washing your hands thoroughly and changing into clean clothes. Particles of smoke particles or smoke residues may still be in your hands and clothes, and your pet can be exposed to these hazardous chemicals.

Bring your pet to your Riverbend, ON veterinary clinic for regular health checks.

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