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Giving Each of Your Cats Their Own Litter Box

In your multiple-cat home, you will see that they may share everything from food/water bowls to toys and even your attention. However, each cat should have her own litter box. Cats are not pack animals and they need their privacy at times especially when using the litter box. Cats are facetious so training them to use the litter box is usually easy. Yet minor things may push your cat to find less inappropriate places to go. A lack of privacy or the need to compete for the litter box may stress your cat. Your cats are instinctually territorial so if a litter box is in another cat’s territory, there may be squabbling. Giving each cat her own litter box in her established territory can avoid all this stress. Keep all litter boxes clean so the cats will be more likely to use them consistently. Contact your Chattanooga, TN vet to learn more. Click on the link for additional details:

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