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Getting Your Cat Used to a Closed Door

Cats and closed doors go together like oil and water—which means they don’t really go together at all! That doesn’t mean you have to give your feline friend free reign in your home. Here are some tips for getting Fluffy used to that closed door.

First, you have to stand your ground. If you open the door, no matter how long he has been meowing, he will learn that he can get his way if he throws a fit. If you’re worried about your cat damaging the door, use double sided sticky tape so he isn’t tempted to scratch.

If you can’t handle all the meowing, start leaving the door shut when you’re away from home. That way, your cat can get used to the door being closed when you aren’t there to hear him throw his fit!

Your veterinary clinic Pasadena, MD has more tips too!

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