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Fireworks and Outdoor Rabbits

Rabbits that live outdoors are generally used to all kinds of outside noises. They grow up learning that some noises are just part of the environment. However, firework displays and loud booms and clouds of smoke are not the average sights and sounds. If your rabbit lives outside and you know there’s going to be fireworks (i.e. the 4th of July, New Year’s, and many evenings in the summer months) bring your rabbit indoors. The loud noises of the fireworks can cause your rabbit to panic and become anxious and afraid. He has nowhere to go and may start pacing frantically in his cage. This pacing can be harmful to his health if it goes too long. Move him indoors to an interior room where the loud boom of the fireworks won’t be so loud. Pet him, talk to him and distract him so he feels safe. Your veterinary clinic Covington, GA can give you more tips.

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