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Dealing with a Dominant Dog

It is easy to see if your dog is acting in a dominant way. He might growler bite but he also might show signs of being pushy and stubborn. He may also insist on playing even when you don’t want to. He may bark or whine to get his way. Your dominant dog may drag you around by the leash during walks. And most importantly, your dog may resist training. In spite of your dog’s distinct personality, he needs to see you as the boss if he is to live with humans. Act with confidence when you train your dog. Insist he follows all obedience commands but without yelling or punishment. Behavior training using deterrents and redirection helps your dog know what he shouldn’t do. Remain consistent since your dog may challenge your authority regularly. Treat him with kindness but establish your role as leader. Learn more from your Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic. Click here for additional information.

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