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Crate Training Tips For Cats

Pet cats also benefit from crate training. They should feel comfortable being inside a crate while they are being transported to the veterinarian or the groomers. Being inside the crate can help keep your cat safe and secure. Crate training should start as early as possible. Here are some tips to help pet owners achieve crate training success:

Introduce the carrier to your cat by leaving it open in a room where your cat frequently stays in. Make the crate more appealing by placing one of his blankets inside as well as some toys and treats.

Placing some of your pet’s favorite treats near the opening of the carrier will surely attract him to check it out.

Once he starts spending more time inside the crate, try to close the door of the carrier. Be quick to offer your kitty some treats after opening the door again. Repeat this several times until you see that he is completely relaxed while he is inside the carrier and the door is closed.

Start carrying the carrier around while your kitty is inside. Do this several minutes each day. When you let him out of the carrier, be quick to offer him a treat to make the experience a positive one.

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