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Can Cats Have Cheese?

Contrary to popular belief, cats really shouldn’t eat diets high in dairy. Mainly, cats shouldn’t have a lot of lactose in their diet because they are lactose intolerant. As kittens, cats can handle greater amounts of lactose and can be fed milk replacers or even dairy milk. As kittens grow, however, the enzymes that process lactose start to decrease and they are not able to digest lactose as well. Milk products should be avoided. However, cheese and yogurts are generally the exception. Cheese, for example, is not as high in its lactose content as milk. Cheese can provide calcium and protein to your cat’s diet. Lactose free cheese can be especially good for cats. Just remember to feed in moderation. The taste may be tempting, but the fat content can be high. Talk with your Lafayette, LA veterinarian to learn more details on serving size and cheese types to feed.

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