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Are You a Cat Person ?

Most people will identify as either cat or dog people based on their personalities and attitudes. Cat people match their behavior with the most obvious characteristics that cats are known to display such as curiosity and a willingness to improvise. Cat people often identify themselves as creative and non-linear thinking. Some people like the independent and autonomous attitudes that cats display. However, some cats stress easily and their human counterparts can be anxious, frightened homebodies. The need for lots of alone time is another typical cat behavior that may match a cat person’s behavior. Whether feline or human, this behavior pattern defines a very independent creature. Cats and cat people often insist on ample cuddle time. Thus you should examine your own personality to understand why you are attracted to cats, which can help you establish a healthy relationship with a cat. Contact your Roanoke, VA vet to learn more. You can also visit website, for additional information.

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