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A Dog with a Strong Human Bond

If you’re looking for a loyal, protective, energetic and playful dog then you may want to check into the Belgian Malinois. This dog is often referred to as the Belgian Shepherd because of his close resemblance to the German Shepherd. The Malinois was originally used as a herding working dog, however, he has become much more versatile. The Malinois is extremely attached to his ‘person’ and is said to build strong, lasting bonds with people. In fact, many of today’s Malinois dogs are used as personal protection dogs. For instance, the U.S. Secret Service uses the Malinois breed to guard the White House. The breed is very trustworthy and confident. He requires regularly exercise and training and thrives on a daily job. Besides protection, the Malinois also enjoys games including agility, tracking, and flyball. If this sounds like a breed for you, talk with your Fayetteville, NC veterinary clinic to learn even more.

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