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Why An All-Pellet Diet Is Not Good For Rabbits

At least 90% of a rabbit’s daily food intake should be grass; that leaves only 10% for pellets. Most rabbits spend about 20 hours each day chewing on grass. This can keep their continuously growing teeth well-trimmed. Overgrown teeth can cause a lot of problems including pain and discomfort that prevent rabbits from eating and grooming. Their digestive system is designed to digest fiber.

Rabbit pellets are readily available but a rabbit can easily consume a day’s worth of calories and nutrition in just about 20 minutes of eating pellets. And these can certainly leave the rabbit’s teeth growing.

How long a rabbit spends chewing can spell the difference between having a healthy mouth and pain from an overgrown tooth. It should be noted that feeding pelleted food is one of the top causes of overgrown teeth in rabbits.

If you don’t have access to fresh grass, you can always give your pet rabbit good quality hay, making sure to give a fresh batch every day and throw away the old hay that is left on the rack.

Your Glen Ellyn, IL vet can further enlighten you regarding the nutritional needs of your pet rabbit. Read more here.

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