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What your cat really thinks of you

Your cat shares your home with you, and you love her dearly. This makes you wonder – what does she think of you?

It’s no secret that cats are a bit more ambivalent regarding their caretakers than their canine counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean that your pet doesn’t love you. In fact, she likely cares for you a great deal. She knows you care for her, and she has grown to trust you deeply. She enjoys being able to play with you, and she seeks out your attention often. She is also likely to rub up against you, which is her way of marking you as her own. When she does this, she is trying to put her scent on you so others know she considers you to be a part of her territory. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.

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