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Weight Gain In Pets After Spay Or Neuter

Many people think that spaying or neutering pets can make them gain weight. But this is actually a false notion! The main factors that cause obesity are excessive food consumption, too many treats, not getting enough physical activity, and genes.

More often than not, pets that have been spayed or neutered gain weight after the procedure especially when they have been given the same amount of food they were on before undergoing the procedure. The removal of their reproductive organs (testes in males and uterus and ovaries in females) result in a change in hormone levels. One important effect is the slowing down of metabolism by about 30 percent in spayed or neutered pets. What does this mean? The amount of calories that fixed pets should receive should be about 30% fewer than before what they have been consuming before the procedure. If you have an overweight or obese dog, check with your veterinarian Glen Ellyn, IL in creating a weight loss program that can help your pet lose weight in a healthy manner.

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