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Teaching your dog not to beg at the dinner table

Your dog loves to munch on just about anything he can get his paws on. This means he is eager to scarf down his own food, but also that he may be trying to get some of your food as well.

Begging at the dinner table is typically done because your pet thinks he can get some of your food. Offering him a bite reinforces this behavior. Refraining from giving your pet a bite will teach him that his behavior won’t be rewarded, and over time, will teach him that he is wasting his time begging. Make sure your pet’s needs are met prior to sitting down to dinner so you can ignore his pleas for some of your food without worry. Make sure everyone in your household is on board so he won’t be getting mixed signals. Your local Sale Creek, TN vet clinic can offer additional advice. Click this website South Rhea Animal Hospital for more details.

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