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Should I Keep My Cat Indoors?

Did you know that indoor cats tend to live longer than cats that are allowed to venture outdoors? But some experts contend that cats need to spend time outdoors so they will be able to satisfy their predatory instincts, get adequate exercise, and have enough physical and mental stimulation. Indoor cats have been shown to have higher risks of developing behavioral and psychological problems and develop health issues associated with living a sedentary lifestyle. However, these problems can be addressed properly. First, cat parents should make an effort to enrich their pet’s indoor environment. Cats benefit from lots of opportunities that will motivate them physically and mentally. They will thrive with lots of interactions with their humans. Cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts, vertical perching spots, and cat-safe toys can enrich an indoor cat’s environment, keeping them busy and prevent them from being bored and developing bad behaviors. Your cat can benefit from regular wellness checks at your London, ON vet clinic.

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