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Protecting Your Pets from Heat Stroke

Being aware of the prevailing environmental temperature is very crucial in protecting your pets from heatstroke. As a rule of thumb, when the environmental temperature is higher compared to the body temperature of your pet, heatstroke can easily develop when your pets are exposed to the heat. Keeping your pets indoors when environmental temperatures are at its peak is also a wise decision. However, if you need to travel during these hours, turning on your car’s air conditioning or opening the windows to let in some fresh air can definitely help. When you need to open windows, be sure to let them down for only a few inches to prevent your pets from accidentally jumping out. If you allow your pets outdoors, be sure to give them access to a shaded area. Pinpoint areas in your house where it is cooler compared to the rest of the house. There will surely be some parts of your house where ventilation is inadequate causing temperatures to soar during very hot weather.

Call your North Phoenix, AZ animal hospital if you spot signs of heat stress exhibited by your pet.


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