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My Himalayan Guinea Pig’s Eye is out of Socket

As harsh as it may sound, it is not entirely uncommon for a guinea pig to have his eye pop out of the socket. Your veterinarian will most likely tell you if this happens to bring your guinea pig in right away. You should not try to repair the eye on your own.  Quickly cover the eye with a damp, clean cloth and hold it in place with a loosely wrapped bandage around the head. If possible, soak the cloth in warm, salty water to help preserve the eye. Try not to panic. Take your guinea pig to the vet as quickly as possible. While on the phone, ask your vet if you should go to an emergency veterinary ophthalmologist instead. If there is one close by, your vet will probably send you there. No matter the office you go to, follow the advice from your vet Aurora, CO.

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