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My Dog Is In Pain - Can I Give My Pet Human Pain Medications?

Dogs can’t speak even when they are suffering from severe pain. Fortunately, there are now various options for relieving pain in dogs. But how will you know that your dog is in pain? Every dog owner should learn to spot signs of pain in dogs. Some signs, such as whining or groaning, excessive grooming, or aggressive behavior, are more obvious than others. A dog’s body language can also reveal a lot about what he is feeling.

When your dog is in pain, self-diagnosis and self-medication using over-the-counter drugs is not advisable. If your pet is in pain, it is important that he should undergo a thorough veterinary exam. Knowing what’s causing the pain will enable your South Jacksonville, IL veterinarian to come up with a treatment regimen. Even though you are tempted to use human pain medications to treat your dog, there are several painkilling drugs that have been formulated specifically for dogs, and there are much safer and more effective than human pain meds. Also, giving non-prescribed medications to your pet may result in accidental poisoning and possibly kidney failure.

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