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Lumps On The Body And Other Important Health Signs In Dogs

Lumps on a dog’s body should never be ignored. These can lipoma (benign fatty tumors), tumors, or an inflammation in reaction to a foreign body. Checking for lumps and bumps is usually done during grooming sessions or when you are cuddling with your dog. Other health warning signs that you should be quick to report to your veterinarian include the following:

Persistent vomiting

Dogs vomit occasionally when they want to get rid of an irritant in their throat, but persistent vomiting should be a cause for concern, especially if it does not improve within a day.

Rough or dry hair coat

Healthy dogs have shiny hair coats. Any change in the growth and/or appearance of your pet’s hair coat can be an important symptom of a variety of conditions including food allergy, kidney disease, vitamin deficiency, and even hypothyroidism. Changes in your pet’s hair coat should not be ignored. Bring your pet to your best veterinarians Glen Ellyn, IL for a thorough checkup.

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