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Ileus In Guinea Pigs

A sudden change in your guinea pig’s appetite and elimination can be a red flag of an ongoing issue in their gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Normally, they should be eating and defecating regularly. One of these medical conditions that may affect the GIT of cavies is ileus. It is characterized by the accumulation of gases in the stomach and intestines brought about by a defect in peristalsis (i.e. normal rhythmic movement of the GIT). Affected cavies often stop eating; this, and the buildup of gases can lead to a life-threatening condition that warrants prompt medical intervention. Ileus can also occur when cavies are exposed to stressors and stop eating, or secondary to a medical condition. Other potential predisposing factors include lice infestation, moving to a new enclosure, the arrival of a new cavy, an upper respiratory infection among others. Any change in your pet’s appetite or eating habits should be brought to the attention of your best veterinarians Kalamazoo, MI.

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