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Hydrating your Holland Lop Rabbit

Keeping your Holland Lop rabbit health and happy is your number one job as a rabbit owner. This includes making sure your Holland Lop has a comfortable, soft, and clean bed and that he has plenty of fresh hay and water on a daily basis. It is especially important to make sure your rabbit has access to fresh water at all times. Rabbits can become dehydrated quickly whether it’s cold or hot out. If you ever check your rabbit’s water only to find it hasn’t been touched, call your vet and schedule a checkup right away. Not drinking water could be a sign of an illness or other health condition. A typical five pound rabbit should be drinking 100 to 600 ml of water a day. A 4 pound rabbit should be drinking about a cup of water a day. If your rabbit isn’t meeting his water quota, call your Fort Collins, CO vet.

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