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Ferrets Make Smart Pets

Did you know that ferrets can be trained to use a litter box and perform some tricks? Yes, they can even be taught to walk on a leash. Ferrets are very playful, active, and smart. But sometimes, they can be too smart and curious for their own good. They like to explore every nook and cranny they can get their bodies into, burrowing into cracks, drawers, cabinets, etc. Thus, before bringing home a pet ferret, you should ferret-proof your home. As much as possible, don’t give him the run of the house. It is best to keep him inside his enclosure or in a room that has been ferret-proofed so he will be safe when you are not around to keep an eye on him. When ferret-proofing, get down on all fours and check for any cracks that are larger than a square inch and seal them off. Pet ferrets can also benefit from being brought to your Chattanooga, TN animal hospital for regular wellness checks. More details here:

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